Scuba Diving Ship Wrecks in Key Largo, Florida

SCUBA diving wrecks …is pretty awesome.

Scorpion fish on Spiegel Grove ship wreck

I took a family trip to visit my sister Nicole, who actually lives in Key Largo. My mother, aunt, uncle, cousin and I decided to take a week and live the beach bum life. We bombarded my sister’s house taking the place over, sleeping on couches and extra beds. We made up for the encroachment by cooking her two roommates dinner and tipping them for taking us out at their respective jobs. Ah… the life of a beach bum. (Or scuba professional, and environmentalist, dive shop host.)

I’d only been to the Keys once before, and the day we went diving we had horrible visibility. This time around I was determined to get out there, find the good days and push through the bad. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but four of us ended up diving multiple days in a row. Family stylin’.  And I ended up getting my PADI Advanced Open Water Dive certificate. Win!

In order to dive wrecks you are supposed to already have one, but thanks to ‘working on it’ we got through a little loop-hole. We also went with multiple dive masters and rescue divers because apparently my little sister knows people.

Spiegel Grove – Biggest Wreck in Key Largo

It was sick. I need to go back. The feeling of the water rushing over you as you sink to the bottom, holding a line so the waves don’t take you out to sea. The eerie sound sunken metal makes when you happen upon it at the bottom of the ocean really is like you hear it in movies.

I felt like I was caving… floating through a ships hull, twisting my way effortlessly through its cabin. A metallic cavern covered with life, enchanting us with its sing-song music. And the sea welcomed my inquisitive nature.

I recommend diving ship wrecks if diving in the keys at all. The reefs are not spectacular, but still good fun. The wrecks are a treat. We dove Spiegel Grove and the USS Duane. I liked both. We also did Molasses Reef and a few other reefs, but honestly, the wrecks are way cooler. Rainbow Reef Divers has an awesome dive location map if you’re curious about the sites. We didn’t dive with them but I’ve heard good things. I can personally recommend both Ocean Divers and Pirate Island Divers.

The “Fam” Nicole, Fred, Myself and Nick

If you’re looking for an adventure in US waters; hop on a boat in Key Largo, and Dive a wreck.

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