oh, Utah. Beautiful and Cruel.

It’s been 8 months since I’ve written, and I think perhaps its time to get back into the swing of things. Since I moved to Utah in July I’ve worked three different jobs, and have done a bit of traveling. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I moved out here. I heard the scenery was  beautiful, and that there was a pretty decent outdoor culture, but I did not expect to experience the discrimination I have since moving here. I suppose it was a bit of a culture shock, moving from a liberal tree-hugging city, where people (SHOCKER) recycle…. to one where wearing tank tops is frowned upon, and being an aggressive and intelligent woman is ground for cruelty.

I moved here because I was offered an opportunity to work at a residential treatment center & boarding school as a weekend staff. I was told I would have the opportunity to work closely with kids and plan outdoor curriculum, as an assistant to the weekend lead. Some of this held true, and I had an amazing experience working with and mentoring autism spectrum boys. However, I wasn’t given the respect any compassionate and intelligent person deserves. Certain staff members held my personality with disdain, which eventually led to my retirement from the school. I have never been utterly disrespected because of my values, beliefs, and ethics regarding basic human needs, and the pursuit of happiness. I’ve learned a lot since moving to Utah, and unfortunately have had to experience how awful people can be to one-another just because they aren’t willing to value and respect differences.

Since the school debacle, I took up working at two different ski resorts (and experienced yet MORE discrimination from one of them….) and have been accepted into graduate school out east. I cannot thank Utah enough for making me a ‘harder’ person, but also for letting me experience its undeniable natural beauty. I’ve gone from a ‘green circle’ snowboarder to a double black powder hound, and a novice climbing instructor to an entry level guiding professional.

I’ve explored a few different outdoor destinations since I’ve been here, and will (hopefully) catch up on some adventure writing this summer. Stay tuned.

About vanizzle17

Climber and Adventure Therapist.
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5 Responses to oh, Utah. Beautiful and Cruel.

  1. Utah has been tougher on you than it has been me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy New England much more ❤

  2. 激安citizen シチズン

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