One year of adventures (in 700 words or less…)

I’ve done so much in the past year, it feels like injustice to try and remember the details about my trips. Sadly, I’m tempted to just make a list of the things that I’ve seen and accomplished since deciding to move out west (and then out east!). Climbing & Snowboarding trips have significantly less detail because they were constant.

April 2012 – 2 Day Stand Up Paddle boarding trip in the Adirondacks, NY

3 Days Hiking with True North in Camels Hump, VT

May –  30 day NOLS trip focused on Outdoor Education: 22 days mountaineering on Mt. Baker and Mt. Shucksan in WA, 8 days climbing at Smith Rocks, OR

June – Mountain Biking (for the first time) & 2 Days Backpacking in the Unita Range, UT with Aspiro Adventure

July– Waterfall rappelling with Daniels Academy

August – SUP-ing at Deer Creek reservoir, UT with Daniels Academy

September – 4 days Hiking and Fishing in the Unitas, UT with Daniels Academy

June through October – Weekend climbing trips in Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons, Rock Canyon, and Maple Canyon, UT (with Mountain Ed,  Daniels Academy and/or personal)

October – Hiking Grandad Bluff, WI  Badlands Ntl. Park, SD   Yellowstone Natl. Park & Teton Natl. Park, WY      Climbing at Devils Tower, WY

November 2012 through April 2013 – Snowboarding 2-5 times a week at Park City Mountain Resort, Canyons, Snowbird and/or Brighton. Went from being competent on easy terrain to skilled on double blacks. Skiing (for the first time) at Deer Valley.

January 2013 – Weekend trip Ice Climbing in Ouray, CO

April – 6 days Hiking at Arches Natl. Park & Canyonlands Natl. Park, UT & 2 days Climbing in Moab, UT

April through June – Weekend Climbing trips in Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons, Rock Canyon, and Maple Canyon, UT.

May – Weeklong Climbing trip in City of Rocks, ID

May & June –  2 separate weeklong Backpacking trips in Grand Canyon Natl. Park, AZ  and Elephant Butte, UT with Expedition Therapy

June – Hiking Mt. Timpanogos, UT     Visiting Glen Canyon Natl. Park, UT/AZ

July – Hiking in Alamosa Valley, CO with Western Mountain Youth    Hiking Cedar Breaks Natl. Monument, UT & Mesa Verde Natl. Park, CO    Hiking and Backpacking in Bryce Canyon Natl. Park, UT

June  through August – Multiple extensive day trips Climbing, Hiking and Canyoneering (another first) in and around Zion Natl. Park and Snow Canyon, UT (personal and with Zion Rock and Mountain Guides)

This encompasses the majority of outdoor ‘trips’ I’ve taken or lead throughout the past year. Add in random car camping and sight-seeing, and you get a general idea of whats been on my plate. I was responsible for guiding and planning the trips with Daniels Academy, Expedition Therapy Associates, Western Mountain Youth and Zion Rock & Mountain Guides as a paid associate.  I took an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course with Mountain Ed & Development and highly recommend their services. I also did training with True North and Aspiro Adventure, which I mention because of both the travel and therapeutic experiences.

I moved to New Hampshire in late August to start my newest adventure… grad school. I have yet to have had any ‘outdoor’ experiences in NH unless you count doing a ropes course for class. I’m going to leave this post at that. I may flush out the details of some of these trips, and can recommend certain hikes, climbs and canyoneering routes to those interested. I expect to have a very different experience this year, and may write on it depending on both time and professional ethics. I have a great deal to say about many of the aforementioned companies, both good and bad, that may be written on as well. As a guide and as a therapeutic counselor I am open to questions. This post sums up my year… in fewer words than how my heart feels about it. Wish me luck for an equally exciting and hopefully more accepting future in New Hampshire. 🙂

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